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Neighbors Amused As RSPCA Wastes Two Hours Attempting To Rescue Plastic Owl

12.11.2008 - What a hoot! RSPCA officers spend two hours trying to rescue plastic owl

When a mailman noticed that an owl perched atop a telephone pole had not moved for three weeks, he called the RSPCA to rescue it. When the RSPCA officer arrived to the scene, she spent two hours trying to capture it. Residents, who were aware that the owl was a fake set up by a telephone company to scare small birds away, watched from their windows with amusement.

"I couldn't believe my eyes. The woman from the RSPCA had been sitting outside for two hours, watching it. She thought it was real and had even brought a net with her to catch it. I felt like telling her it hadn't moved in three weeks," said Carolyn Dyerson, one of the tickled residents.

The RSPCA officer then called the fire department when she realized her efforts were getting her nowhere. When they arrived and deployed the aerial ladder platform, that's when neighbors decided to inform the rescue squad the owl was plastic.

Ms. Dyerson, what gives you the right to point your finger and laugh at a poor woman wasting two hours of her time (and taxpayer money) trying to rescue an animal you know is fake? It obviously crossed your mind to inform the lady about the animal, but, no, you decided your laughs were more valuable than her time. You should have to front the bill for both the RSPCA and the fire brigade. When will you Brits realize that your arrogant smugness is utterly intolerant. In fact, we suggest that not only Ms. Dyerson pay all the expenses involved, but also that she be perched atop that pole to shoo away birds for three weeks. Some humility will go a long way.

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