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Another Not So Wonderful Winter Wonderland


It appears that Britons are wising up to scam holiday theme parks. Hoping to avoid another Lapland New Forest fiasco, authorities paid a visit to Lapland West Midlands before its grand opening, and decided it unfit to host any festivities. Instead of the advertised winter wonderland, police only saw "a handful of tents in a muddy field, garishly painted figurines, and no sign of the promised ice rink." At least Lapland New Forest had an ice rink (though it was out of order the whole time).

Lapland New Forest, which angered patrons so much, they punched Santa in the face, has left has left Brits weary of too-good-to-be-true offers and authorities feeling inadequate. This time around, they're attempting to redeem themselves by warning people against showing up. "There aren't any animals up at the site. There's not a lot up there in the way of an event," said Carol Dean, an official from Staffordshire County Council. Everyone who had already bought tickets will be fully refunded.

We're glad to hear that hard-earned money will not be filling the pockets of these lily-livered con men. So, people of England, you know those refund checks you'll soon be receiving, just forward them over this way as part of your reparation payments. 'Tis the season to give, after all.

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