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Man Arrested For Having Sex With Horse

12.03.2008 - Man jailed for having sex with a horse

Leeroy Le Gallais, 46, is behind bars after breaking into a stable and having sex with Calico the horse. The owner of the horse became suspicious when he checked up on Calico in the morning and found him "box-walking" (moving from side to side), which is a common sign of stress. A mounting stool was also left behind. Le Gallais confessed to the crime and has been sentenced to three years in jail. In court, he said, "Maybe I had a little bit of an urge or something. I mean, like a sexual, a sexual thing, I suppose you could call it that."

Bestiality is an awful, despicable thing. However, and we're not condoning the heinous act (abstinence is the way to go), when your women look like
this (and they ALL do in England), it becomes clearer why some men find themselves attracted to horses. Brits went gaga over Princess Diana, who looks JUST like Wayne Gretzky (a very horse-like man in his own right). British women are not going to be getting prettier any time soon, so we suggest packing your bags and moving to Sweden.

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