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Christmas Wonderland Not What Brits Had Hoped

12.01.2008 - Hundreds slam Lapland park 'scam'

Fact: British people are a horde of spineless, conniving bastards.

So why are people always shocked to find that they've been conned by a bunch of limeys? The latest outrage comes from people who visited the Christmas-themed attraction park, Lapland New Forest in Matchams Leisure Park. Advertised as having Hollywood special effects, live reindeer, and a bustling Christmas market, the reality was far from the that.

One unhappy visitor complained the park was "a complete misrepresentation, leaving my children heartbroken." The RSPCA is also being contacted due to the alarmingly bad condition of the animals on exhibit. "The huskies were chained up in a pen howling, yapping and generally looking thin and unhappy," said one concerned patron. Three Facebook groups have been started in an attempt to get the keep other people from being conned.

Henry Mears, the organizer of the theme park will not admit to any wrongdoing, offering this riddle of a statement: "What is not here that we haven't advertised?" Tricky little bugger, that Mr. Mears. Though there has been a large demand for refunds of the the 25 entrance fee, none have been given.

We hope all you Brits learned your lesson: If you want an honest and majestic theme-park experience, Orlando, FL is where it's at.

Below is a YouTube clip of someone's Lapland New Forest experience.

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