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YouTube Comments- England: Evil Empire- More Letters from Angry Brits

12.02.2008 - Youtube

A brit never wrote this Apologise - not Apologize.

VillaMan08 (
They only made this, because NO-ONE likes the US, so they think making fun of another country(there allies) then that makes them feel better.
I meet some Yanks in Amsterdam, and they were telling people they were Canadians becasue they couldnt get laid if the said they were from the US, infact they told me some poeple even told them to "fuck off out of the coffee shops"I dont think they realised how hated they are, Am i suprised, No

aww come one crybaby everyone likes the us. people who say they dont are only jealous

LMAO..Urmmm Ok.

the only people i find on here hating on american are all brits. just because you all have horse teeth shouldnt mean you should hate on us. come on mate

the only people i find on here hating on american are all brits. BELOWME123

Really fatty? Because in that case i shall send you a hundered or so videos with plenty of other nations slating you.

start sending then horse teeth

start sending the big macs more like

hahaha you love big macs fat slob

I clearly dont! i had a cheeseburger from mcdonalds once and it was fucking hideous. I'll consider myself lucky I didn't instantaneously suffer a heart attack from it though.

yep im sure you had about 10 of them after that fat fuck. im sure you didnt brush your teeth after eating either like most brits

look you cant claim that bad teeth is worse then being fat. it isnt.

americans just use some crap stereotype theyve seen off tv. we call americans fat because even statistics say they are.

to me it is since im in excellent shape and take care of my teeth. fat dudes can get girls, dudes with bad teeth not so much

lol. This guy talks about Britain being oppressed. I guess this sheep still believes that 19 Saudis were responsible for 9/11.

We have a few 'brits' in the north of Ireland, someone please take them, give them a home

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