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YouTube Comments- England: Evil Empire- Even More Letters From Angry Brits

12.11.2008 - Youtube

actually i'd like you to prove that those quoates are real

lets get money off the romans

lets get money off the russians

lets get money off japan

come to think of it are you just £££ing stupid or somin because every empire can be blamed and you know it so why pick us.

u discriminated the blacks we gave you

and just because we created iraq doesnt mean we created the ££ing war. omg ur so stupid its funny because u set up meatings and take it like som1s going to actually give u ££

w00t rock on Britain

Amazing,not on youtube 836 views.

Why buy the book when you can download it for free.

I made out with an american girl. I think that counts.

myamigossister - hope you gave her a dose of the clap lol.

Yes this is true, as well as the fact it was made public that the drugs trande in the US was started by the Cia to kill off all the blacks No wonder your own people hate thier country :S

We don't spell apologise with a Z you fucking morons

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