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YouTube Comments- England: Evil Empire- Stolen Treasures

12.12.2008 - Youtube

you are an idiot, all major museums are filled with stolen treasures, you fucking dipshit.

Why dont you make a video that actually proves something about britain???

Read a book called IQ And The Wealth Of Nations (if you can read) In it you will find a map of the world. Each country is shown with its IQ and its GDP. You will see that where IQ is low GDP is also low, and vice versa. 50 years ago economist predicted S. Korea would remain poor and Ghana would become rich because of its natural resources. The opposite has happened because of IQ. You need to learn the difference between the word 'steal' and 'trade' asshole. Look at 19th Century trade figures

What country are you from, asshole, and we'll discuss exactly what we got from you and what you got from us. Have you had an innoculation against disease? If so, you owe us your fucking life. We want you miserable stinking worthless life, dumb cunt.

Are you a Muslim by any chance? You know about the 14 hundred years of Islamic invasion of Europe? The occupation of Spain, Greece, Hungary, Romania, the Balkans? The invasion of France? The one million white slaves (mainly women) taken? (read a book called White Gold). The one million Serbian boys taken, converted to Islam and put in the Ottoman army? The extermination of 1.5 million Christian Armenians? The theft of our religious capital, Constantinople? etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.

western europe are the thiefs of the world all they did is steal from other to make themself rich, enslave everyone! the chinese used to call the europeans vampires as they suck a countries blood dry!! and now the U.S want to control all the planet and space!! I know where all humans but why the fuck! are the white race so fucking evil!!

because this is entirely unlike the Metropolitian meuseum in New york....

BS, India was among the world's richest nations before British came in 1763, by time British kicked out in 1947, India was poor, looted blind-- and 46 million Indians killed in British mass famines and post-1857 retaliation, much worse than Nazis.

Brits launched genocide vs natives in Australia, Tasmania, put Boers/Zulus in concentration camps, tortured Kikuyu.

And Irish? Centuries of British atrocities, stopped only when Irish defeated the British IN WAR in 1921. Good riddance to the Empire.

Mona Lisa is in France *because Da Vinci painted it in France, under the support of the French king*. So the painting has always been in France!

Very different from the Kohinoor Diamond, which the British forcibly took from India in bloody colonial rule, or Elgin Marbles.

Soon, India will be a wealthy nation again while Britain itself sinks to 3rd world status, and the Indians will laugh, taunt and humiliate the sorry British neo-imperialists who can't deal with it. It'll be richly deserved.

BS, British Empire killed far more than the Nazis-- full-out genocide against Aussie aborigines and Tasmanians, almost wiped out the Pequots, mass-murdered Kikuyus and Boers/Zulus in British concentration camps, 46 million Indians killed esp after 1857 in British intentional famines and atrocities, centuries of anti-Irish atrocities-- even as Afghans, Irish, S. Americans, Israelis, Yemenis defeated the British.

Brits still fail to examine this history, so your reckoning is soon coming.

Please learn the difference between british and english, the difference between the controllers and controlled, dont say stupid shit like "the british", when it was "the governement", do you really think the poor brit farmers and fishermen did it? The 99% of the country who had no say in the matters? Screw your head in.

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