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YouTube Comments- England: Evil Empire- The Hard Truths

12.01.2008 - Youtube

That book is so fucking hypocritical, coming from an American guy.

Sorry, but htis guy probably wouldn't write his book if it wasn't for British arrogance, USA invades one country, with the ultimate goal of rebuilding it and improving the lives of its citizens, and they're evil. Britain conquers weaker nations through out its history with the goal of using those people and taking their land and resources and that's ok? Then leaving messes and violence where ever they've been. I don't agree w/ the war, but Brits criticizing us for it is the ultimate hypocrisy.

PsychosisFire OK, Britain has done bad things in the past. But in the end, Britain ultimatley benefited those countries by bringing new technology and such to thier land. And other countries such as France and Spain did exactly the same as Britain.

What I find funny is that this American guy is slagging off Britain for the stuff we did around a century and a half ago, when America is doing pretty much exactly the same stuff NOW.

And Americans, I'm not attacking you as indiviuals, only the government.

Yes, but too many Europeans have attacked the American people for there not to be a response. And this is it. As I said, I never liked this war from the start, but the goal of it has always been to ultimately bring a better life to Iraqis, not to colonize them or build an empire. It's not the same as Britain or Spain have done.

Bringing a better life to the Iraqi's? Thats debatable. Nevertheless, its not the same as Britain or France or Spain would have done, I agree. But can you really say that America or Australia or any other country would not have done the same as the UK, given the chance?

Anyway, if it wasn't for our past colonization of America and other countries, then you'd probably not be debating me at all.

The British Empire wasn't evil. It formed the modern world as we know it. Slavery had always been in existance. Look outside the tunnel of liberal media. it other countries our customs, technology, science, knowledge, engineering, law and order etc. When we ruled, they prospered, when we left they declined. i'm sure if we offered the African Americans the chance to go back to africa, i bet they wouldn't (no offense). but im not going to appologise for something that happened before i existed.

Britain formed the modern world as we know it? (Not the Persians, Chinese, Indians, Africans, or Russians. All irrelevent, apparently) "Tunnel of liberal media"? No one's asking you apologize, but we are asking you to take the time to learn the truth.

And really this whole idea of reparations from us is complete balls. Read a History book, the Empire is gone, we GAVE countries back and created the commonwealth. There was no massive hateful uprising against the Empire, and having fought most of WW1 and 2 we couldnt support our Colonies. The only reason America has this little sheild from behind which it can criticise our empire, is because America never had the oppurtunity to become an empire.

If america had been colonised as little as half a century earlier, had the revolution and so on, they would have been right there with the rest of Europe trying to get a peice. It wasnt just us as I have said. We were very closely rivalled by Spain, France, Portugal, basically every major European nation. We were in to slavery yes, but so were you and having said that we were one of the first nations in the world to outlaw slavery. Porugal were in it in a bigger way.

So yes, we were an empire. Yes we did bad things by today's standards. But america isnt as clean as you think either. You are practically doing what we did exept faster and not as good. These messages are not just for Odyssey54, but all who are missinformed, all that need proof, and really just anyone looking.

But why is it then that Brits are so quick to say that America is a rogue nation? You said yourself that most Brits know the Empire did bad things but why is there this double standard?

We'll look around. The empire is just about gone. There are no more colonial wars, invasions, occupations, dodgy deals with other powers and insurgents. It went with the Empire and America seems to have taken over alot of the previously mentioned. And in all honesty, British families have suffered losses from a war that most do not beleive in.

I don't think Britain is evil, but I want to make sure you guys don't blame America for all the worlds problems. We know the US isn't perfect, but neither is Britain. And we are NOT doing what you did. We never invaded India to export tea and we never seized Hong Kong to sell Opium etc. And nor would we want the opportunity to become an empire, we work for a living without needing colonies nor slaves anymore these days.

I said alot of the previously mentioned. Not all. And some might argue that you invaded Iraq just for the oil. Had the US been fully developed and secure, beleive me, they would have been right there with the rest of the powers claiming colonies, taking resources. And yes, stating the obvious, you needed slaves nearly half a century longer than we did.

We don't blame America for the World's problems. But naturally if people verbally attack us we defend ourselves. Unfortunately, that leads to idiots who cannot come out with rational arguments just diving into anti-American statements and abusing people. I really don't think this "reparations" cause helps. I've looked at their site and it's more to do with abusing my nation. I'd be equally disgusted by a site abusing the United States.

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