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YouTube Comments- England: Evil Empire- You Can't Escape It

12.10.2008 - Youtube

England, The Evil Empire, you cant even get our flag right, thats the union flag, incorporating Scotland and Ireland, if your going to spout your retarded shit at least pick up a book first and get your facts correct WANKER..

Three words. Cut And Paste. I doubt more than 10% of the images we saw were real. Those that were real are probably staged.

Im American and Spanish and I agree 100%

Do you want to stop insulting my country? With these lies. If you had a brain in your fucking nut, you would realise that what you wrote makes no sense.

the royal family and the english/british govt are nothing more than the breeding ground of wasp organized crime/the evil of england is felt all around the world/all english are not bad/recognize your nation is the heart of the new world order even today/the bank of england owns the US federal reserve/cromwell was a war criminal worse than hitler/NOW PAY ME MY REPARATONS WITH THAT MONEY YOU SAVE BY NOT GOING TO THE DENTIST!!!

Great Britain is the stronghold of the
New World Order!

shall we list how americans ruined the world cos i have loads of facts

right this vid really makes me realize why alot of people really do hate the americans us Brits fight alongside you and lay down our lives to save your people and visa versa but then some silly little author writes this book and fucks the relationship up he he says britain ruined the world in 101 ways well the americans in a such smaller time ruined the world in 100,000,000 ways!

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