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YouTube Comments- England: Evil Empire- Oppressed Nation

12.04.2008 - Youtube

The so call people being "Oppressed" in the video are Footbal Hooligans lol

British thugs keep on waffling about the Nazis, while forgetting at the same time that the whole world see the British Empire as a pure Racist Nazi Empire, too.

Ask the Irish, ask the French, ask the Sioux, ask the Lakota, (native Americans) ask the Kenyans, ask Boers (South Africa, where the British invented the Concentration camps and murdered 40 000 innocent women and children) ask all of Africa, and most of all ask INDIA where you crooks murdered 29 Million innocent people.

Hitler's Empire = little Nazi

British Empire = BIG Nazi

What a disgrace to be from this tiny, smelly Island! And you all got freckles, the worst food in the world and bad teeth! Inbred Island monkeys, hahaha!!

And you lost all your colonies! you are going down the drain, small powerless tiny island, wahahaha!!!

You country of RUDE smelly twerps and HOOLIGANS and THUGS!

There were 10 german bombers in the air...there were 10 german bombers in the air...there were 10 german bombers, 10 german bombers...10 german bombers in the air. AND THE RAF FROM ENGLAND SHOT THEM DOWN...AND THE RAF FROM ENGLAND SHOT THEM DOWN AND THE RAF FROM ENGLAND, RAF FROM ENGLAND...RAD FROM ENGLAND SHOT THEM DOWN.


Oh go dig up your Nazi dad. Then your grandad. I think even they might laugh at what you type. You really do put me in the mood for dancing on their graves.

elbe river,
Your mum is calling you for ya poptarts kid,
And if your not a kid
you are a very sad man

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