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YouTube Comments- England: Evil Empire- The British Response

12.09.2008 - Youtube

There is no question that the empire did evil things but who cares, if being evil is what it takes to be the greatest superpower in history then get out there and start shooting babies lol

jesus some people make me sick. idiots. whoever takes this book seriously is a fool

yes ENGLAND is the most evil country their is, while america, germany & all the other bastards are good as gold

anyway compared to britain, america, russia and france what the hell have germany ever acomplished appart from starting the two most devastating wars of all time and for making scat porn?

Also, Tommy, i wonder why you blame the Germans of all people for "Scat porn"? They dont even have a geman word for that. LOL

Guess why they use an English word? Its because all this naughty stuff comes from our country resp. from our former colonies. Yes, i do feel ashamed to be a British little stinker, and so should you, tommy. I bet your mum works as a prostitute too, just like mine.

And remember, the wealth in our dishonest Nation we owe to all the mass-exterminations in our colonies.

I demand reparations for the Bubonic Plague.

And reparations for the Spice Girls.

If Steven Grasse were a Native American, who had fought to preserve his language, culture and ownership of his land from European colonists, I would see his point. But he's the DESCENDANT of European colonists, who drove indigenous people off their land, drove their cultures and languages to extinction, so what gives him the moral high ground?

If it weren't for Limeys, you'd be speaking French.

what do i think about this book- i think its a load of crape, its bollux. lol that guy said whoever wrote the book was probably homsexual lol!

This is bullshit. Every country has its douches, these guys obviously just went around in the shittiest areas trying to find them.

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