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Youtube Comments- England: Evil Empire- BBC Drivetime Interview

08.26.2008 - Youtube

America is still England's colony, now they have used us as their whipping boy and they have helped ruin our name around the world.
There is a reason the English people are the most oppressed as they cower in apparent enjoyment of their servitude. English citizens truly don't know their own power. If they did, they would help dismantle the globalist elite bent on world domination. Instead, they just buy into the BS propaganda that it's America's fault! LOL!
Take note: US=Canada=England inc.

whites need to stay in their own fucking continent

typical yanks putting the blame on britain fuckin wankers, when there economy survives and thrives on war they sell weapons to there enemies in the middle east and then send in their military to crush it. What about the atomic bomb think of da shit pumped into the air. btw most americans descend from Europeans . so fuck dat yank what a hippocrit

i suggest if you wish to find out about british culture i suggest you come and speak to us. I and every man i know would lay down there lives for the queen,and country. maybe you should try us!!! you will see we have a history of beating far larger enemies than the US. i would not bet against the british if i were you.

haha, he says the roots go back to the british empire... but the british empire goes back to the roman empire... so why doesnt he blame the romans?, because there is no roman empire so this guy is trying to stick the blame

What a load of rubbish, so what we did
bad things in the past so has every country, but dont judge yesterdays deeds with todays morals otherwise everyone will be in trouble.

i blame the primordial slime mold we all evolved from that bastard really screwed everything up


I am British but i still want some of that money. I have suffered also.

Why you put this video up under 3 different names?

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