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Letter to the ICBR: Give it up


You know you're not going to get a single penny out of the British government, Steven Grasse's book should have been called "Benevolent Empire: 101 way that Britain made the world a better place" without us computers, lightbulbs, cars, trains, electronics, telephones, tanks, battleships, a unified India and many other things simply would not exist. All empires have done bad things (not least the Spanish empire) but the crimes of the British Empire spiral into insignificance compared with others. the good the Empire did far outweighs the bad. All the sarcastic insults we throw at Americans from time to time are nothing compared with the insults thrown at us in this book, Mr. Grasse has ridiculed the Monarchy, our music industry, our inventions and innovations, our Commonwealth, the best armed forces in the world (Our troops generally shoot at the enemy, not at each other) and everything else that makes the United Kingdom so great, Grasse's assertion that the British caused the Vietnam war is merely guilt by association, the Spanish and the Dutch were bigger on slavery than us and we didn't commit any genocide. We didn't support the Confederacy in the civil war, we gave our passive support, if we had helped them in the war they would have won. Sherlock Holmes was a fictional character and our selling of opium to the Chinese was no different from American companies selling hamburgers in our high streets, Either grow up, or go and play in traffic Steven A. Grasse (Does the A. stand for Arsehole?)- Ted, a proud Brit

August 21, 2008

Dear Ted,

You’ll be delighted to know that we’ve received thousands of letters from your fellow “proud Brits” making many of the same baseless arguments. Sadly, you’re not the only idiotic inhabitant of that infernal island. It seems that your government and educational institutions have done a wonderful job of drilling pro-British propaganda into your inferior psyches. In plain English, the reason Mr. Grasse has placed so much “ridicule” on every British thing you mention is because all of those things are well deserving of ridicule.

Perhaps before taking the time out of your fetid existence to write such a letter, you should spend an appropriate amount of time getting your history
straight. Correspondence from imbeciles like you only strengthens our resolve. The British must pay!


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