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Youtube Comments- England: Evil Empire- You Can't Escape it


yes true to what damijo said.Singapore is part of the british commonwealth and we are proud of it.Singapore was found by the british too.God Save the Queen!!! God damn that guy who speak bad of my motherland!!!

here she is hating the british again "ora di crescere signorina?"i see as well as a bigot your also a racist. america is multicultural too.... multiculturism is the fact of a globalised world what ever happened to the the self evident truths that all men are created equal? it would appear that you yourself dont believe this "inbred globalist elites" come off it miss you need to take a long hard look at yourself in a mirror

Isn't England now fast becoming a third world slum thanks to their inbred globalist elites and banking cartels?
Hey, Englishmen and women, don't fool yourselves that the people in charge over there care any more about you than the scoundrels in charge do here in America.

i dont fucking get it!, SLAVERY HAS BEEN AROUND FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS!, and one country that practised it was Great Britain, so did America, egypt,greeks, roimans, french, portugese, japanese, chinese, russia, spanish... fucking hell do we not forget that when the British abolished slavery, America still practised it... and fuckin Spain were fighing to keep slaves, how can you blame ONE nation for a crime like slavery... its like blaming ONE nation for prostitution, you CANT!

England, The Evil Empire, you cant even get our flag right, thats the union flag, incorporating Scotland and Ireland, if your going to spout your retarded shit at least pick up a book first and get your facts correct WANKER..

i tore one off those posters down lol

Didnt really work guys,good try,picked the wrong country,shoulda tried the Galapagos Islands.

"no one made them send troops"

Ever heard of the press gang? When they went out of fashion, lack of a welfare state plus poverty forced people into the armed forces. The Scottish troops in South Africa were so stunted and ill fed that they called them "bantam regiments".

Speak English you cunt.

england is responsible for more theft/rape/ and murder than any other nation in recorded history/englands queen is an inbred child of german fascists/winston churchill was a druken tard/ and englands former prime minister is an occultist... thats just for starters/I want my repararation money yopu limey twits!

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