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Inebriated British Teens Too Drunk For Rescue


Inebriated British Teens Too Drunk For Rescue

Philadelphia, PA —- August 12, 2008

A few weeks after two drunken British women attempted to open a cabin door in-flight and assaulted a flight attendant, the British Coast Guard left seven British teenagers “partying on the ledge of cliff” after they were deemed too intoxicated for rescue. While the eighth teen was airlifted to safety because she was having an epileptic fit, the Coast Guard stated that
rescuing the seven others would have simply been “too dangerous” due to their drunken condition.

Again and again with the alcohol Britain. It is quite clear, the British public can simply not handle their own alcohol consumption responsibly. The British government needs to do something about this. Perhaps there should be a prohibition on private drinking and pubs should only serve non-alcoholic brew and hard liquor should be watered-down to half its proof. Or maybe a
complete prohibition on the sale of alcohol? If the British government can’t keep its own people under control, maybe the European Union needs to step in and lay some ground rules.

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