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Youtube Comments- England: Evil Empire- BBC Miami Dolphin Debate

08.11.2008 - Youtube

More casualties does mean more people risked their lives, duh.

Jacob, go to ANY website concerning the D-Day landings and check the numbers involved, then come back and tell us all precisely how many MORE British and Canadian troops took part in the 1st day of D-Day than American?

'More Casualties mean more people risked their lives' !? you truly are a tard Jacob, more casualties means...more casualties due to poor application of the battleplan (landing in the wrong place, no tank cover etc etc etc

Nice try Jacob, but I'm afraid I shall waste no more time on you. I watched your video on 'England' and it was obvious you have NO opinion or view of your own on this matter at all as you were clearly reading 'word for word' from Grasse's book! I could even hear the pages turning! You're obviously some attention seeking, no-life virgin, freak who's only outlet for an impression of self worth is post up controversial msgs in the hope of getting some attention - you are worthless Jacob, byee lol

Clarify how it doesn't make sense, and how it's BS...

They can't invent it, but they can help spread it. With poor health conditions, diseases can spread and kill thousands if not millions.
Jeeezus! this is like talking to a 5 year old!

Jacob, you own this 'book' and you KNOW that it states that the British INVENTED a desease that had it's origins in central Asia!? the 'facts' just don't add up - like everything else in this Grasses book of Nationalistic BS!

And how did we help 'spread' it in the 15th Century? Spread it to WHO exactly? Britain is an island you moron, and the only land it could have been spread on to was central Europe - where it actually came from to start with!

No you're giving me bull shit without any proof, you see if you're going to disprove a book give some proof. I have a feeling that you've never read this book or any other book for that matter, and you're relying on gut instinct.

I know you're going through puberty and you need to get out this rage, but do us a favor just go to a gym.

'No you're giving me bull shit without any proof, you see if you're going to disprove a book give some proof'

Okay dipshit, let's do this the hard way as you're obviously incapable of grasping the fundamentals of what I'm saying.

Claim 1: 'The British invented the black death'

Explain how people from the 15th century can INVENT a desease? then have it originate in central Asia, spread through Europe & come back to Britain where it was supposedly INVENTED???

You do the Math, if you can!

Oh fuck off Jacob! you know exactly what this 'book' is all about. And if the message hasn't resonated inside that thick American skull of yours by now, then I suggest you read again the 99.9% of people's comments on here and get yourself a clue.

C'mon Jacob, I know you can't seriously believe a word of Grasse's bullshit! No-one is THAT stupid! I think you're just on here becuase this is the only thing of any vague importance in the sucking void of your so called life. Grow up or just go away!

Isn't this just being a little racist to the UK I mean seriously lay off the racism this is an age of harmony dude not hate.

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