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Youtube Comments- England: Evil Empire- ICBR Takes Root in US

08.05.2008 - Youtube

Touche but a conspiracy is obvious, they do not hide behind facts that have no correlation concerning the specific situation. It might sound like there is a correlation, but if you look at the true facts you
will understand that they were just statements that was no variable.

Thats just what conspirators say ;)Now you keep telling yourself that. Now i must go and i really cant be bothered to resume beating you up verbally. And im not takin the bait. Cya round.

The difference between my statement and a conspiracy is that I'm telling the truth.

And ladies and gents, i give you the ICBRs No1 supporter, the conspiracy nutter. Honestly you must be the first person in history to make a conspiracy out of a conspiracy. AND that is sooo american, anyone who doesnt love you is part of a cospiracy. LOL in the extreme. With the way america's going then by your logic soon just about 3/4 of the world are going to be conspirators. Besides conspiracies arent my thing.

Go back to hating videos with your secret conspiracy club you ass. Yes I sad ass, not arse but ass! Engage in your ritual pagan tea time, with your

Anyway, although your arguments do make me laugh, i have a life to get back to, and more ICBR videos to discredit. BYE

What about american reperations? french, belgium, germna, spainish, and portugese reperations?
we werent the only empire you cunt, we were the last.

fat queen. She's absolutely useless and a waste to your tax money!

Like i said before, i want some of that money also. British people are also suffering due to the elite rulers.

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