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Letter to the ICBR: Labor Party Speaks Out


Letter to the ICBR: Labor Party Speaks Out

Evil Empire UK,
Hi, well done lads. Good news, see; We don't need land ownership/deforestation, a third..... belt of ... vapour round the Earth, like Venus now, protecting it from harsh radiation and maintaining a constant temperature, resulting in lush vegetation everywhere, the perpetual spring of the .... however, it was ruptured causing the ... it's time to reforest the whole planet and restore the..., forestry... rainfall which combines with dead vegetation to form new soil rich in minerals, fields don't, it runs off into stream/the sea, the soil becomes deficient in minerals, soil erosion eventually leads to desert, a third of Israel is.../Sinai desert, it's being re-soiled by planting millions of trees; make cleaning for crops for six years then reforest. If we restore the firmament we won't need to. We'll have perpetual spring, the garden of Eden, see,; We don't need concrete jungle, all construction can be underground or wooden on stilts to avoid flooding; we don't need fossil fuel, electricity meters are... free energy operations, using magnets/.. to transform high frequency energy from the weather into low frequency energy, see the; We don't need electrons/government, it's the biggest organization in the country, employing millions, a parasite, it just abuses the power given it, see update 6.6.8, everyone work for their self, either individually or in partnership, each town/village/community decide its own fate, we would all have.. abilities if society didn't deliberately emotionally cripple us through fear to control us, see of winter, we come here to experience emotion/ know what it feels like, through comparison with everything around us, so we might know ourself better and deliberately forget what we are/ where we come from so we might aspire to our... concept of ourself, as kids do, it's then up to us to remember. The easiest way being to get out the body, see
Cheers, Our Soul
Labor Party Manifesto

Dear Labor Party Spokesperson,

Iím going to put this as nicely as possible. Clearly from your letter, you are absolutely insane. Your rambling pros not only fail to present a cohesive idea, but also fail to construct a complete sentence. It is of no surprise to us that the mouthpiece of a prominent British political organization such as the Labor Party would be completely incapable of rational thought. Being involved in British politics indicates some type of mental deficiency from the get go. Try as we might, we were unable to gleam any meaning from you correspondence whatsoever. In the future, we ask that the Labor Party refrain from occupying the ICBRís time with such dribble.

Good Day,

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