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London Runs World's Largest De Facto Homeless Shelter


Philadelphia, PA —- June 20, 2008

Despite England’s best efforts to ease the strain on the world’s busiest international airport, Heathrow, they have failed miserably. Not only did
the much-touted terminal “crash and burn” in the first few days it was open—stranding thousands—the airport has also become a roof over the heads of countless homeless people according to a recent article in Time by Eben Harrell. The homeless problem illustrates yet another example of Britain’s inability to maintain a functioning airport of any reputable size. Chicago managed to deal with O’Hare’s homeless problem over a decade ago while still maintaining a smooth baggage handling operation. Time to step up Heathrow. You’re beginning to serve as a great analog to the downfall of a certain former imperial power that shall remain nameless.

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