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Youtube Comments- England: Evil Empire- ICBR takes root in US

06.19.2008 - Youtube

He is correct the English are not a race they are an ethnic group,a cultural group.Arabs,Europeans,and Asian Indians are all Caucazoids.Europeans use the word "race" to describe different ethnic groups or any discrimination.We use the word ethnocentric.He is being ethnocentric not racist is what he was attempting to say.You say Crisp and we say Chips kinda thing

In America we don't use the term race to describe ethnic groups.I think what he is saying is that English are not race but an ethic group.We are taught in the US that there are three Races;Caucasian(Europenas,Arabs,Indians),Mongloid( East Asians),and Negroid(Sub-Saharan Africans).Race is a biological term to Americans not a cultural or ethnic term.He was not being insulting I think it was a translation thing

That it is, but it is shocking when he claims its not racism as the english are not a race, pretty much what hitler said, and we remember that very well.

chufuss's called freedom of speech.This is funny,because people don't really think England ruined the world.Sorry it offends you.He says in the book the english are to blame for the Hamburger and Elton John,it's a book for the bathroom

So if i wrote a book saying "101 reasons jews/french/germans/spanish ruined the world" it would be okay.....

It's a joke. It's marketing for a book

This is racist, disrespecful and untrue. It is typical american hypocrosy and hubris. First of all, it was BRITAIN that abolished slavery. It was BRITAIN that helped tore down the evil facist empires. And most important of all, it was BRITAIN, that brought law, justice and democracy to most of its former colonies. ICBR, get the facts right and God save the queen.

Sorry, i pressed the downgrader, ment ti tick it, forgot to mention the turks murder of over 10 million arminians

if britain was to pay reperations then the same rule would need to apply to france italy germany greece norway sweeden denmark holland spain portugal egypt israel japan china russia persia turkey and also AMERICA

lol @ the guy at 2:20, SCOTLAND IS PART OF BRITAIN YOU FOOL. Americans lol.

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