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Youtube Comments- England: Evil Empire- Richard and Judy

06.17.2008 - Youtube

wiebl1932 ,all your comments are dignified and honourable Sir ,ElbeRiver is a fellow German and a decent one at that but has suffered abuse from the British for no reason other than he was German .
His comments I found more than offensive I agree but he explains his reason for making them.

Coldplay thats why England is evil, i've heard it all now

uk and usa ur allies this is just sum pissed off yank

Sorry mate but the British are more of a race than mini cab drivers.

What a wanker, lol, so stupid. 'Evil' idiot. Evil is a lack of good, - the Empire had both effects. That bloke, Pot kettle black!

i can think of way more than 101 ways in which the yanks ruined the world...

to stephen grasse: get a life

if the best that this bloke can come up with is cold play then god help all americans. he's almost as thick as their president...

poor yank, needs to read a book =P

Absolutely and a thoroughly deserved jab back ,but sometimes buddy the tongue in cheek jab back is not a joke when the recipients don`t find it funny.
Anyway In God We Trust and God Bless America

His book seems to be a tongue-in-cheek jab back at all the mean spirited slander of Americans by so many Britons, from their press, on their streets, in their homes and here on-line.

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