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Letter to the ICBR: Some Thoughts


My name is Matthew Copeland and I study history at the University of
Sussex, United Kingdom. I was just curious as to whether you truly believed what you are saying to be true? Putting aside your historical inaccuracies, there are many, too many, (but if you would like me to clarify in detail so you can update this website I will in a later email), you also seem to contradict yourself? Firstly you complain that Britain forced reparations on Germany after World War I and that this was unfair, but then decide that it IS fair to force reparations on Britain!

Secondly you blame Britain for the deaths of many people and then decide that in the 20th century they should have got involved with wars sooner! You are clearly pro-American and being patriotic is fair enough but you seem to believe America is innocent, it was America that committed atrocities in the Philippines, and it was America that did not abolish slavery until 54 years after the British. Americans settled with various Indian tribes? I had heard a rumour that they killed a few along the way as well! The British did not invent the black plague it came from continental Europe, and you say inventing prison was a bad thing, were else would you advise criminals be kept? If you going to blame Britain, fine, I can't stop you doing that, but maybe you should look at the great pain and misery caused by other nations, at least Britain took steps to remedy the situation sooner than most countries! Surely you don't believe Britain can keep the world sweet to their atrocities because everyone speaks English, weak argument isn't it?

Third, we believe the situations in Iraq and in the Sudan would be greatly improved if each citizen were to receive the full cash settlement of $8,350. Everything else being equal, people are less likely to fight when they have something to lose. Do you truly believe that what those people are fighting for could be bought off? What they are fighting for they believe is worth dying for; I don't think money will help.

I eagerly await your response,

Matthew Copeland

Dear Matthew,

To put it nicely, your education in history seems to be somewhat deficient. You open your recent letter asking us if we “believe what [we] are saying to be true.” Yes Matthew, we do believe what we are saying to be true. Millions of other people around the world also believe what we are saying to be true. In fact, most people outside of your homeland believe what we are saying to be true. Many have experienced these truths, or the consequences, repercussions, and legacies of these points of historical fact first hand.

Have you ever left England? Have you traveled to the Sudan and spoken with the black Arabs of the Janjaweed militas, the Bargou tribes, or government troops? Have you been to Iraq? Have you ever encountered a Sunni or Shiite? Have you journeyed to Southeast Asia? Have you ever set foot in Australia and walked-about with Aboriginals for months on end? No? Then you know nothing. All you know, Matthew, is the propaganda that your state-run education system spews forth almost as freely as the destruction it wreaked during its imperialistic heyday. All that we are asking is that you and your country stand up like men and take responsibility for your actions. We aren’t holding our breath; your country has a long history of denying culpability.

Good Day,

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