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Youtube Comments- England: Evil Empire- Even more angry letters from Brits

05.28.2008 - Youtube

we're what you get when you mix celtic, germanic, norman, roman, scandinavian, christian and pagan culture. mad, drunk bastards, hard as fuck... and totally brilliant.

nah, the british empire whupped the roman emipire. we controlled a quarter of the worlds population and land mass. and just about the whole ocean. we didn't last as long but we burned brighter. the victorians were incredible people, truly they were. i'm proud of britain. there isn't a country on earth like it. our history is a history of conflict - with ourselves, with others... we are the warrior race. we kick arse. we're also the most adventurous and inventive people ever to walk the earth.

i guess our past doesn't appeal to 21st century moral sensibilities. but history isn't a moral thing. britain practically invented the modern world - for good or bad, our past is shaping the future. history won't be written for the brits. we'll write our own. always have.

I know I was acting stupid...i could of said that was bias or that was an opinion.

You should not use bias and opinion in the same sentence... According to the Yale socio-political journal on Anglo-Atlantic relations 89.69 % of educated good looking Americans "love" the English. With a standard deviation of 0.2 {-2, 2} P = (x1, x2, x3) in R3

that is a bias opinion...give some facts.

Grasse you and the Village People should have broken out into song.You are going to have to sing for the $58 Trillion and In the Navy or It`s fun to stay at the YMCA isn`t fucking good enough You slap-head little faggot!
Chufuss well said ,GBA!

What I don't understand is the organisation itself. I find it hard to believe that a group of people would be committed to what is both a pointless and ideologically retarded endeavour - but at the same time, it's not very funny or entertaining in any way.

hmm blw you no that picture at start hes american lol his name is luke antill made a website and sold it for like 4million so he got famouse hes american dont make us look bad with your own peaple......

of course your supported the greedy american cunts want money probably the south there a bunch of inbred backward racist people

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