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One British Man's Holy Water Is Another British Man's Raw Sewage


Philadelphia, PA —- May 14, 2008

A British man’s hopes of cashing in on “holy” water that seeped through his church basement have been dashed after he was informed that he could not bottle and sell the flood water because it is “environmentally contaminated.” According to a BBC news source, Reg Kemp, the property steward of Trinity Church in Cambridgeshire, had planned to bottle the hundreds of gallons of water that had seeped through the church’s basement floor and turn the flooded room into a religious shrine. Reg was recently informed by an Anglian Water spokesman that the water probably seeped through a nearby graveyard, and that the water most likely contained e-coli bacteria, pesticide runoff, dead animals, raw sewage, diesel and grit in it. Drink up Reg; the hand of God has clearly touched your church.

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