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Youtube Comments- England: Evil Empire- BBC Interview

05.05.2008 - Youtube

fucking frenchs!

no much of a rude letter just pointing out facts

The letter's right. They are waisting they're time. They just want the money for themselfs! Death to ICBR!!!

lol @ 58 trillion,

Even if you sold every single person in Britain, their property, their equity and even their skills, you only get a figure of $16-$17 trillion.

Steven Grasse is a xenophobic, tawdry spoilt little brat.

1. How are we evil If We stoped The Slave trade befor You?

2. You're Just a Sterotype. We could say you're a Red Neck Fat Fucking shit bag!

3. We Caused the Iraq War Haaa! You Invaded Them First!

4. You would be speaking German If it wasn't for us

5. I Love England and America But You're Like An Nazi-American

Yeah, join the queue, Britain's at the end of it. How about before we get to Britain,:- Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Tojo, Ghengis Khan, The Pope(inqusition) Bin Laden, Idi Amin, U.S.Govt(Indian genocide), Pol Pot. The Brits start to look like Santa. So grab a ticket and wait along time before we get to right the wrongs on Britain. Maybe the world should thank Britain and pay for all the good that it has done.

Steven a grasse is a comedian, an average comedian.

"So much so that we're making some of the "greatest hits" available to you, our loyal followers."

Loyal followers? Mindless zombies more like you stereotyping fucktard!

Americans love the English . This guy is making just trying to make money

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