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Letter To The ICBR: The British reparations website. A response.


It is immediately obvious that the people responsible for this utter rubbish are unsound mentally. There are no individuals mentioned on the web site and presumably they are all hiding behind a false front. If you are genuine come out into the open and display your NAMES and Addresses so we can see who we are dealing with and respond appropriately. Having travelled extensively in the "New World" I can see that but for the British Empire you would still be living in the trees or at best in caves. Modern America (and many other countries) were formed to a large extent by courageous immigrants from Ireland and other parts of Europe. Your only native boast can be that you sold New York to the Dutch for a bag of beads.
If there is any dept outstanding it is TO the British Empire who's brave adventures civilised much of the world including your country. My ancestors laid the foundation for what America is today. I think we British should start a movement to recover the cost of the expeditions which went forth and modernised and civilised your ancestors. It would of course be just as ludicrous as your aspirations. Your audacious claims are at best disgusting and at worst emanate from a mentally unbalanced concept.
Jim Hogan. Lancashire. Great Britain.

Our Response:

Dear Jim,

It is immediately obvious to us that you are perhaps the biggest idiot that has taken the time to write us a letter. We cannot provide you with our names and addresses because there a quite a few boobs, such as yourself, that would like to see bodily harm caused to us. Everyday we receive death threats from your loathsome countrymen simply for pursuing what rightfully belongs to the people of the world.

When your ancestors “went forth and modernized and civilized” the globe, they set out with the most selfish and opportunistic intentions man has ever known; the British raped and pillaged entire cultures and lands and planted the seeds of the problems America is forced to deal with today. You clearly lack any perspective on history or the state of the world today. We only hope that you will open your eyes to what is going on around you and renounce your blind allegiance to a country and a people who have done more wrongs than can be undone within several lifetimes. Until then, we can only look upon you, Jim Hogan, as nothing more than the scum of the earth.

In Closing,


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