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Youtube Comments- England: Evil Empire- BBC Radio 5 Interview

04.28.2008 - Youtube

Yup the guy's anidiot your better off not watching his videos.

Steven Grasse, you are the most idiotic person I've never met.

small and not important this just proves how stupid americans are did you know that 65 percent of americans cant identify america on the map

hes a right cock hes gonna get himself lynched

Iam american! my whole name is of english descent! I speak english! so thank you england!! from your yank cousin from across the pond!! hell Iam greatfull I dont speak french! what a sissy language! god bless britain!!

Thats his view,,not our american view...I think we still have a good relation..And america didnt kick the brits out..We bearly won..Brits won nearly every fight..they just gave up it was too costly..

This guy's knowledge of history can half fill a postage stamp.

For starts, Britain didn't lose the Revolutionary War in 1776, it lost it about 8 years later. Second, America didn't kick British butt in 1812; it was a close fought war which America only just hung on by winning the last battle.

If he can't get his first two points correct, then he hasn't a hope for anything else.

Steven A. Grasse is brilliant! You're simply swallowing the standard historical propaganda rampant in our society without using your brain at all.

Steven Grasse, it was not The English empire but a British empire you uneducated idiout.

The only reason America came into WW11 in the first place was that they knew if Britain caved into Hitler then the American's would have lost all the money that they scammed off Britain during lend lease. They were 3 years late on the first war and 2 and a half late on WW11. The Yankie dollar still is their God and greed is their religion.

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