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Town of Cumbrian In Midst of Wheelie Bin Row


Philadelphia, PA

As reported this morning by BBC News, Gareth Corkhill was fined a few weeks ago for overfilling his “wheelie bin” by four inches (wait, don’t you guys use the metric system over there?). After refusing to pay his fine, Corkhill’s opposition on the Copeland Council managed to obtain a go-ahead for Mr. Corkhill’s prosecution with a plurality vote. Unfortunately for the city of Copeland, the issue didn’t stop there. Members of the council who supported Corkhill’s position on the fine took up a collection to take care of Corkhill’s payment at the chagrin of pro-fine council members. Now the Copeland Council is finding itself harshly divided over city “wheelie bin” policy, and with no compromise in site, residents are facing hard decisions at the curbside. To fill or not to fill? How about recycling…

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