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Youtube Comments- England: Evil Empire- Upper Class Toffs

04.24.2008 - Youtube

Facts? Bitch, please all your "facts" are too influences by your own ideas.

The S is right by the D you stupid fucker. It's called a typo.

Do not think this is merely a wind up or solely to sell books. Mr Grasse has on saeveral occasions admitted pointedly that this is serious. It is a serious attempt to re-market the culpability of modern day Americans by shifting the blame onto foreigners, an age old trick. Grasse despises the English in a very real sense, and has saw an opportunity to use his marketing skills to re-market his fellow Countrymen in his warped way, and also vent his xenophobia in a neat little package.

Lmao You Really Make Me Laugh Hahahhaha!!!

We are very serious about reclaiming the world's stolen wealth from Britain. And we shall succeed!

Dude! he is from England and doesn't even know that his country created Punk...?!?

or a suitable replacement for toilet paper

Its a loo book!

The book is joke...Americans love England..

Well all empires are evil but british is particularly evil. Actually evil (oligarchical powers) of europe once centered in venice moved to england under willaim of orange "bloody billy" and since then the british isles are centre of evil directed at the world. England was chosen as seat of evil because it is an island. Today the evil oligarchy is spreading chaos and war with all that comes along through its american muscle boys.

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