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Letter To The ICBR: The Evil Empire Book



I take offence at your book, and would like to point out that the so-called "atrocities" you list are not only very poorly-argued, but have no sound basis whatsoever,

Your book is nothing more than anti-British propaganda, and I am absolutely apalled that you stooped low enough to publish this inane drivel. We British do not publish anti-American propaganda so openly, so why do you smear our achievements will hypocritical rubbish like this? What about the American atrocities? Was the Cuban Missile Crisis simply a petty squabble? Is Guantanamo Bay just a kindergarten?

If you want to know why we British act "evil", it is because of works such as these. If you constantly smear us, then we take action, as I'm sure you understand with Iraq. We retaliate, not bully. And if you have at least half a brain to realise that, then you will know that we will not take this lying down,


A. Norris, MP (Imperial Party)

IBCR's Response to Letter:

Dear Mr. Norris,

First and foremost, we can find no record of a person of your name serving in the British Parliament; you are a charlatan operating under your own delusions of grandeur. Your false claims of public service completely debase your arguments, although that fact is of little consequence as they had no merit to begin with. Furthermore, your allegiance to the Imperial Party exposes you as an ignorant bigot.

Your party’s website calls for the “end of multiculturism” (you might want to learn how to spell properly: the term is multiculturalism.), as well as the removal of all illegal immigrants and an end to “political correctness.” You sir, are a poster child (emphasis on child) of the Evil Empire. You hold hatred and contempt for those different from you and call for your fallen empire to rise up again and wield the sword of imperialism under a resurrected monarchy. We only wish you had lived two hundred years ago as a subject of the British Empire; you would surely be singing a different tune. It’s funny that you mentioned Guantanamo Bay in your letter; we can think of no better place for a person of such ill repute as yourself. We hope you choke on your misplaced pride.

Poor Regards,


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