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Hear Ye, Hear Ye Silly Brit: Drinking Partner Wanted


The BBC recently ran a story online about a certain Michael Hammond. Michael recently moved his 88-year-old father, Jack, into a nursing home in his town of Cadnam Hampshire. The problem? Jack left his drinking buddies back in Barton-on-Sea. The solution? Michael put up an ad at the post office offering to pay seven pounds an hour for a new drinking pal for his pop. Apparently there have been a lot of responses.

Ok fine. This is what we’re wondering… with all the recent coverage about England’s horrible binge-drinking epidemic, how is it socially acceptable to hire a random person to take your octogenarian father out bar hopping? And, does seven pounds cover removal of his hearing aid from his pint glass or spoon-feeding him his beans? Grow up England.

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