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British Spending On Credit Fail To Realize Money Isn't Free


Philadelphia, PA

“It was so easy to get the loans and the credit that you almost think the goods are a gift from the shop,” stated London’s own Alexis Hall in The New York Times last weekend. The 39-year-old owes $63,000 in consumer debt and is just one of the millions of Britons who are facing up to the fact that plastic and paper are two very different things. And well it’s all well and good to the ICBR that all of England has decided to spend itself into oblivion (brilliant!), we’re starting to become slightly concerned that the little island simply won’t have the 32 trillion or so pounds necessary to pay reparations to the rest of the world when the time comes. Perhaps we’ll just take a trick from the old British Imperial playbook, throw some shackles on the whole lot of you, and ship you off to developing nations where a little slave labor would surely go a long way. Cheerio then!

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