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British Bank Barclays Embroils Jay-Z In Slave Reparations Lawsuit


Philadelphia, PA

Barclays PLC, one of the globes major financial service providers, is finally getting its due. The British bank, which was founded in 1690 and profited handsomely from the British slave trade, has been named a defendant in a reparations lawsuit brought about by Brooklyn-based organization Da Black Defense League. The lawsuit is in connection with The Atlantic Yards project, with a joint Barclays-Jay-Z real estate development venture that aims to bring the New Jersey Nets to a new stadium complex in Brooklyn. The plaintiffs claim that because much of Barclaysí current success and wealth stems from slave-trade profit, their current attempts to develop Brooklyn are illegal.

The ICBR is resolute that Barclays should be held responsible for their role in the Atlantic slave trade. We passionately believe that Britain and her institutions should pay for the horrific atrocities of their past as Steven Grasse calls for them to do in The Evil Empire. Itís appalling that rather than owning up to their misguided actions, Barclay has instead allowed Jay-Z to be named as a defendant in the case. Barclays, and Britain as a whole, should simply suck it up and pay the reparations that are so justly due.

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