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Oxford Economics Claim British GDP Surpasses U.S. Standard of Living


Philadelphia, PA

British financial consultants Oxford Economics issued a report last week stating that Britainís per capita GDP will surpass Americaís for the first time in well over a century. While Britain has several factors to thank for this recent piece of financial good news, including various financial reforms over the last decade such as changes in British tax laws and the creation of an independent central bank, most of the credit has to go the increasing strength of the pound against the dollar. And what are Britons going to do with their newfound wealth?

Our guess is they are going to continue spending money they donít have on stuff they donít need, perpetuating the viscous cycle of consumer debt that has soared in the UK over the last eight years. Meanwhile, the United States will continue to fight a war with little help from Britain in an attempt to bring peace and democracy to a region that hasnít been able to enjoy those things since Britain stuck its dirty little hands in its affairs so many years ago. You suck!

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