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Letter To The ICBR: Questions


Dear Sir,

I am very interested by this book and movement you have established, however I was wandering whether you could clarify two things for me before I sign the petition.

Firstly, on the book website, it mentions that the British invented the machine gun, however on one of the resources on your website ( it begins "Invented by Hiram S. Maxim in the U.S. in 1884, the Maxim Gun comprised the world's first automatic machine gun." this surely points to us in the United States as the inventors of the machine gun. I was hoping for a clarification on this point.

Secondly, the commercial on your webiste regarding British Reporations mentions the Welsh and Scottish who demand payment from Britain, when actually they are a part of Britain. Do you mean to say that you are calling for a collapse of Great Britain alongside the payment?
I eagerly await your reply,

Yours Faithfully,

Charles Davies
(Decended from the Welsh)

ICBR Response to Letter:

Dear Mr. Davies,

Thank you for your kind letter. We very much appreciate your willingness to support our righteous cause. It would be our pleasure to clarify the issues you brought up in your letter before receiving your signature on our petition.

In regards to Sir Hiram S. Maxim and the invention of the machine gun, we regret to inform you that the site you referenced in your letter contains false information. Although Sir Maxim was born in the United States, he emigrated to England in 1881. It was there that he built and demonstrated the first machine gun prototype in 1884 and soon found an English armaments company to produce the weapon en masse. Maxim was naturalized in 1899 and knighted in 1901 for his contributions to military technology. So, although an American citizen at the time of the machine guns invention, it was under British guidance and funding that the machine gun came into being. Please find suitable references for this information at and There are many other sources which also confirm these facts.

As for your question about the ICBRs intentions in relation to Scotland and Wales, the ICBR is not calling for the collapse of Great Briton. Our sole mission is to make sure that everyone who has felt the ill consequences of English tyranny receive their due compensation. The Scots and the Welsh have surely received their fair share of abuse at the hands of the English and are therefore entitled to reparations. However, this money must come from the British as a whole because it is Briton as a whole that is responsible for the vast majority of the worlds suffering. We thank you very much for your time.

Warm Regards,


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