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UK Schools Secretary Acts To Curb False Holocaust Education Rumor Chain Email


Philadelphia, PA

Schools Secretary Ed Balls announced today that the UK would take unprecedented action to combat a fictitious email circulating that claims Holocaust education in UK schools will be banned amidst fears that teaching about the Holocaust could offend some students. Balls said that the government would send out a counter email to every foreign embassy and major media outlet stating that the email rumor was in fact false. Nice work

We find it quite interesting that Britain is scrambling to defend their record of Holocaust education considering the fact that approved lesson plans fail to mention the fact that the British actually invented the concentration camp. Steven A. Grasse points out this not-so-convenient fact in his epic The Evil Empire stating, “the term concentration camp was actually coined half a century before [the Holocaust], to describe the awful refugee tent cities that Britain sent Boer and black African captives to during the Boer Wars in South Africa.” More than thirty percent of these first concentration camps’ occupants perished from thirst and hunger. Chalk one up for British hypocrisy and Ed Balls.

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