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Twenty-something British Women Fall Into Abyss of Weight Gain, Slovenliness


Philadelphia, PA

According to an article in The Times early last month, British women are increasingly displaying a complete disregard for their appearance and
personal hygiene after turning 21. Tad Safran’s poignant op-ed piece examined the state 21-and-older females in the United Kingdom and found that British women of that age had simply not mastered simple tasks such as “keeping physically fit, dressing attractively, and taking care of one’s hair, nails and makeup.” Safran continued to argue his case by pointing out
the great success that American women have in maintaining high levels of attractiveness long past their 21st birthdays.

And who is to blame for the British females hygienic shortcomings? “The parents,” says the author. While American mothers teach their daughters how to take care of themselves and instill in them a great sense of respect for
personal appearance, British mothers simply do not. Safran does point out that the ladies of the UK are great “to have a pint and laugh with,” but we know plenty of American gals that are great to look at while having a pint and laughing. I wish they all could be California girls.

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