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Scottish Fight For Independence Continues

01.28.2008 - BBC News

Scottish Fight For Independence Continues

Philadelphia, PA —- January 25, 2008

Two more Scotsmen have martyred themselves in the millennia long battle to permanently free Scotland from English oppression. As reported by British state media, Wayne Cook and Steven Robinson, members of the Scottish National Liberation Army, took it upon themselves to mail vodka bottles filled with poison to key pro-English politicians and reporters on behalf of the Scottish people. The swift arm of English injustice acted swiftly after the plot was uncovered, dishing out six years in her notorious prison system to each man.

The ICBR stands firmly behind these two brave Scotsman and their resolute refusal to lie down in the face of English tyranny and oppression. In an act of solidarity with our democratic-loving brothers across the Atlantic, the ICBR will be holding a candle light vigil at 8 pm tonight on Independence Mall in our fair city of Philadelphia. We can only hope that such an act of good will on the hallowed grounds of true democracy’s birthplace will comfort the Scottish people in their struggle for freedom. May God bless Sir Cook and Sir Robinson!

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