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Gordon Brown Continues Legacy of British Ludicrousness, Slaps Kenyan Officials In Face


Philadelphia, PA

Well, if it wasn’t clear before, it certainly is now: Gordon Brown is a big assface. As Kenya lies on the brink of collapse, Brown and his Foreign
Secretary, David Miliband, decided to call up president-re-elect Mwai Kibaki and opposition leader Raila Odinga, who disputes the election results, and ask them politely to “behave responsibly.” What the crap? That is some really good advice, epically when your entire country is disintegrating around you. What’s even worse is that the crisis in Kenya, and many other parts of Africa, is completely the result of British colonialism and the British of today have done nothing to make amends.

Steven Grasse discusses British fault for the African situation in detail in his award winning book, The Evil Empire. In short, as Britain hastened to pull out of Africa at the close of the Second World War, they did little to ensure that they were leaving stable democracies behind. In fact, some of their actions even set African nations on the course for failed democracy. In an attempt to secure British interests in Africa, UK officials appointed their African underlings to positions of power without taking into account the socioeconomic parameters of the countries in question. Ultimately, the failure of British officials to establish stable democracies suited to the demographics of given African populations is, without a doubt, responsible for the current demise of sub-Saharan Africa. Gordon Brown, you really are a dolt.

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