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Roving Band of Teenage Bandits Halts Bus Services


Philadelphia, PA

Stagecoach East Scotland has suspended service on three separate routes in Fife after four reports of attacks by young persons on buses. In one attack, a passenger was injured after a brick crashed through a bus window. In another incident, a group of youths encircled a coach and kept it from moving. The coach company has stated that if the attacks continue, all nighttime services would be ended permanently.

Well, that’s pretty dumb. The ICBR can think of several ways that Stagecoach East Scotland could put a stop to the attacks instead of sticking their tale between their legs and running. Perhaps they should try putting “bus marshals” on the problematic bus routes, similar to America’s air marshals. Or maybe just arming bus drivers would solve the problem. We just can’t believe what a bunch of pusses these Scot-Brits are being.

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