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Letter To The ICBR: The Evil Empire


Dear sir/madam,
What study have you undertaken in the former British colonies in Africa to determine the opinions of those people regarding the empire? Respectfully, I may have agreed with you that Britain was hated for its imperial history but my 4 month field study on this very issue led me to a very different conclusion. I found that the vast majority of East Africans were positive about the British presence in that region, particularly in Uganda. I am interested to know what field studies you have conducted.

On a different topic, your advert inadvertently counts the Welsh and Scottish as oppressed peoples of the British but Wales and Scotland both form part of Britain themselves. Also, recent opinion polls in those nations show a large majority in both countries favour remaining part of the United Kingdom.
I wold be grateful if you would reply
Yours faithfully,

Tom Barnes

Dear Tom,
Thank you for your letter. Mr. Grasse’s The Evil Empire is based on years of academic research and educated study in the field. Perhaps “the vast majority of East Africans” have a positive outlook on past regional British imperialistic presences, we have yet to take an opinion poll. However, your
assumption that a contemporary positive African outlook on British involvement in the region proves that British involvement in East Africa was
a positive thing, for Africans or for the rest of the world, is completely flawed.

The legacy of British colonialism is the current state of Africa: disease, famine, genocide, fleeting democracy, the list goes on and on. East Africa is in shambles and Britain is to blame. Sudan, Kenya, Somalia, where is Britain now? The rest of the world is left to clean up the defunct imperial power’s mess. This is not acceptable.

Your similar argument in regards to Wales and Scotland is also flawed. The people of those lands were beaten into submission over hundreds of years and suffered all sorts of incredible injustices. How the Welsh and Scottish feel about their current status is irrelevant; the important question is how these peoples feel about what is already happened. African-Americans don’t want to move back to Africa, but wish they had never been brought to America by British slave traders in the first place. Duh.


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