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Giant Knickers Extinguish Teesside House Fire


Philadelphia, PA

As reported by the BBC news service, an obese British womanís giant underpants were used to extinguish a grease fire at a Teesside residence
Sunday afternoon. The inferno erupted after two of the homeís residents left a pan of frying bread unattended while they went to answer their front
door. Upon returning to the kitchen, the two epicures found their pan of lard and carbohydrates had self-immolated. Quick thinking and a fetish for older womenís underwear led the young men to a pair of their elderís underpants in a nearby laundry basket which they doused in water and threw over the conflagration, extinguishing it before it had a chance to spread to
other parts of the kitchen.

Some thoughts: Fire extinguishers are extremely handy. The kitchen is an excellent place to keep one. Also, bread is pretty good the way it comes
from the bakery; you donít really need to soak it in saturated fat prior to ingestion.

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