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Papers Reveal Britain Sold Weapons To Iraq In Attempt To Gain Oil Access


Philadelphia, PA

Detailed accounts of British arms sales to Iraq in 1976 and 1977 came to light yesterday as the National Archives in London released Foreign Office papers that had previously been classified. Despite internal acknowledgment that selling arms to Saddam Hussein’s Baathist regime would increase
regional destabilization and that Iraq’s government was “nasty and brutish,”the UK went ahead and sold hundred of millions of pounds worth of military equipment, ranging from uniforms to advanced weapons systems, to the Iraqi government. One of England’s biggest motives? Oil. In 1976 the British foreign and defense secretaries wrote a joint memo to other ministries stating that continued arms sales to Iraq would have flavorful consequences for Britain, including “gaining access to large projects and the Iraqi’s huge oil wealth.”

And where are those advanced weapons today? No doubt being used by insurgents to construct improvised explosive devices that kill and maim
American troops on roadsides from Mosul to Basra everyday. And where are the British troops? They have packed their rucksacks and long since left their combat role in Iraq to US troops. Learn to clean your own letterbox Britain; we are tired of straightening up after you.

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