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Cheerio Britain, Bonjour France!


Philadelphia, PA – October 31, 2007

Have relatively recent elections in Britain and France heralded a channel sea change when it comes to how those countries view the United States? Public sentiment might be following political posturing in both nations. As Nicolas Sarkozy-ies up to his predecessor’s former global adversary, Gordon Brown has been giving America an undeniably cold shoulder. So what gives?

Perhaps France’s leadership no longer uses “anti-American snobbery to divert attention from Frances own failures,” pointed out Mr. Martinon, Sarkozy’s spokesman. Reinforcing this notion is the planned Bush-Sarkozy trip to Mount Vernon, George Washington’s mansion (oh yeah, you guys helped us school England way back when).

Meanwhile in Britain, there is speculation that perhaps there is some disappointment with how the US of A has handled its British-perceived inheritance of their former global empire according to Anthony Browne, political advisor to Conservative Party leader David Cameron. To the ICBR credit, Browne continued by pointing out that those sentiments may go only so far adding, “Britain has invaded Iraq three times and our imperial adventures are indirectly responsible for many of the world’s trouble spots, including Afghanistan, Palestine, Burma and Pakistan.” Oh wait, we didn’t fix all of your problems yet? Sorry, we’ll get back to work while you try to figure out dental floss.

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