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British Museum Adds Dried-Up Orange to Collection of Stolen Artifacts

10.30.2007 - BBC News

Philadelphia, PA Ė October 30, 2007

Well, sort of. A Staffordshire museum has added a 116-year-old orange to its current display. The family of the late Joseph Roberts, who was killed in an 1891 coal mining accident, donated the centuries old fruit. According to the familyís story, Roberts lost his life when underground blasting operation at the Stroke-on-Trent colliery went wrong. Crap! Roberts lunch box, which contained the fruit, was passed back to his family along with other personal artifacts.

Seems the family decided to keep the rotting orange for 116 years (brilliant?) and recently decided they no longer had any use for the Citrus sinensis detritus and thought the museum might, and they were right! The Staffordshire Potteries Museum said they would not have had room for the petrified hesperidium if all of their pots hadnít been stolen by the British Museum in London a while back. The Staffordshire Potteries Museumís stolen pots are currently on display in the stolen artifacts wing of the British Museum.

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