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Gearing Up for a Royal Stag Party?


Philadelphia, PA – October 24, 2007

What’s the fastest way into an ex-girlfriend’s pants? Tell her you love her and your recent carousing with other young ladies was merely part of a mid-20s freak out that every guy goes through and you didn’t care for them at all and you didn’t do anything with them and the whole time you honestly couldn’t stop thinking of her. Bingo! Then take her on a royal stag hunt and let her shoot guns and crap with the fam. At least that’s what you do if you’re Prince William of Wales and your loins are burning for some ex-sex.

Prince William was spotted with on-again girlfriend Kate Middleton (fondly referred to as Kiss-me Kate by the British tabloids) last week at Balmoral in Scotland hunting with some other Royals. And although they weren’t actually spotted in the act, shooting high-powered weaponry sounds a lot like having a hard-on to us. The tabloids are hypothesizing that the couple might get married sometime soon which the ICBR is pretty sure will give everyone in Britain a hard-on. We’re just worried if the Prince weds, he’ll no longer be able to carry on his official duties as a Cornet in The Blues and Royals or as President of The Football Association. Maybe Harry can take over after he gets back from Iraqifstan… oh wait.

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