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Keep Your Enemies Closer


Philadelphia, PA – October 16, 2007

Imagine if Karl Rove’s August departure from the White House had been in order to serve as senior campaign consultant for Hillary “The Rod” Clinton. That would be weird right? Yes, you would totally be like, “wtf?” So how come Britain isn’t issuing a collective “wtf?”

In a similar twilight zone moment to the hypothetical question proposed above, British P.M. Gordon Brown and his beloved Labor Party recently hired English advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi to give them a post-decade-of-Tony-Blair makeover. Turns out Saatchi & Saatchi is the very same advertising agency that Labor’s rivals the Conservative Party hired thirty years ago to put Margaret Thatcher into 10 Downing Street. Even stranger is the fact that the Labor Party move came very shortly after Mr. Brown met for tea with Ms. Thatcher.

“Welcome Margaret, one lump or two?”

“One will do Gordon, thank you.”

“Margaret, I’ve been meaning to ask you, who was responsible for your party’s upset over Labour’s Leonard James Callaghan, Baron Callaghan of Cardiff, in the 1979 General Election?”

“Oh my dear Gordon, that would have to have been the successful advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchhi. They came up with this simply bangin’ tagline.”

“So you would recommend hiring them to keep your party in power for a very long time?”

“Yes, they’re absolutely wonderful at what they do. I whole heartedly recommend them.”

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