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Newsflash: Britons Take Interest in Dental Care

10.15.2007 -

Philadelphia, PA Ė October 15, 2007

A recent study by Englandís Commission for Patient and Public Involvement in Health found that a significant number of Brits have started resorting to self dental care because they could either not find or not afford a dentist. One particularly orally inclined respondent claimed to have removed 14 of her own teeth, while a second stated ďI took most of my teeth out in the shed with pliers.Ē Others admitted to repairing broken crowns and other dental appliances themselves with household glue. The root (pardon) of the problem lies in Englandís two-tier dental care system, which offers both subsidized treatment via the National Health Service or expansive, private care. Seems many Brits canít find an NHS dentist and canít afford private care.

Although many questions came to mind when we learned about Englandís dental difficulties, one stood out in particular to the ICBR: when did Britís start giving a crap about their oral hygiene? Is this some kind of recent EU-related development? Should we be thanking France? We didnít even know that the English knew of crowns other than the royal variety! Congratulations! We will seriously forgive you for all of your past transgressions if you can figure out home orthodontics too.

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