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How to Get Away With Raping A Minor in England: A Step by Step Guide


Philadelphia, PA – October 10, 2007

1) Convince friend to have house party
2) Invite underage girls
3) Go to house party
4) Drink a bottle of vodka
5) Pretend to pass out
6) Wait until underage girl passes out
7) Commit unspeakable act
8) Go stand in street naked
9) Claim standing in street naked is the first thing you remember since passing out
10) Use made up word “sexsomnia” as defense
11) Get acquitted at trail

Yup. Britain’s creaky wheels of justice have turned out another brilliant verdict. Last week a 26-year-old Brit was acquitted of raping a 15-year-old girl on the grounds that he was asleep at the time of the crime. And completely wasted. Does anyone find this as ridiculous as the ICBR does? That creep should be locked up for long time. We are appalled at inability of your legal system to deal appropriately with an admitted rapist, especially one that preys on children! C’mon! You guys used to love publicly hanging pickpockets. Have you gone completely daft? Yes you have; we already knew that.

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