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Straight Story:Brit Cops Shoot Innocent Guy. Lie About It. Postpone Official Report for Two Years.


Philadelphia, PA – October 9, 2007

After over two years, the Independent Police Complaints Commission, the British law enforcement oversight body, released its long awaited report on the July 22, 2005 fatal shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes. Mr. de Menezes, a Brazilian national living and working in London, was shot eight times by London’s Metropolitan Police as he sat in a train car at the Stockwell Underground Station. In a horrible case of mistaken identity, the police officers mistook de Menezes for Hussain Osman (based on CCTV footage), a terrorist suspected of taking part in four attempted bombings the previous day.

Basically, the police totally f’d up identifying the poor dude, followed him onto the train and put a bunch of bullet holes in him. Then they tried to cover it up, sort of. They claimed he was wearing baggy clothing, sitting unnaturally, failed to respond to police challenges, blah blah blah. They came up with several reasons as to why they thought he was Hussain Osman and why they thought he was about blow up the train, none of which could be corroborated by witnesses. In a nutshell, the police went in all trigger-happy, killed some innocent guy, tried to cover it up, and then delayed releasing a published report about the incident for two years. Woah.

I know we might have had some recent issues over here with police brutality. There was that USC kid that got tazerd. Then there was that guy in St. Louis with the dashboard cam that was verbally berated and told he was going to have false charges brought against him for being a pain-in-the-neck. And most recently, that student at the John Kerry Q&A session was tazered for being a dick. Fortunately, law enforcement officials (who all carry guns in this country) refrained from shooting any of the suspects with hollow point bullets. Way to go coppers! Maybe we need to set up some kind of police exchange program so you Brits can figure out how law enforcement is done.

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